Organisational structure

The Action is guided by the Management Committee (MC), formed by no more than two representatives from each country that signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The MC, presided by the Chair, operates according to the rules and procedures for implementing COST Actions that are described in the document COST 4154/11.

At the kickoff meeting the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF, in Grenoble, France) was elected as the Grant Holder. The following positions were also decided:

  • Action Chair:

Dr. Alberto Bravin

  • Action Vice Chair:

Dr. Elisabeth Schültke

  • Working Group leaders:

See WGs

  • Former Financial Rapporteurs:

Prof. Crister Ceberg

Dr. Giuseppe Battaglia

  • Training Committee:

Prof. Guido Cavaletti (Short Term Scientific Missions, or STSM, Manager)

Prof. Pekka Suortti

Dr. Elisabeth Schültke

  • Dissemination Manager:

Dr. José M. Gómez-Ros

  • Website Manager:

Dr. Josep Sempau


The Chair, Vice-Chair, Working Group Leaders, STSM Manager and the Dissemination Manager constitute the Steering Group of the Action.


Management Committee

Several countries participate in SYRA3. The Management Committee (MC) is formed by the delegates from each country, which are nominated by their respective COST National Coordinators (CNC). Contact details for the MC members are shown in the following tables.


Institution Contact Phone
Dr. Alberto Bravin (Chair) European Synchrotron Radiation Facility +33 476882843 

Dr. Elisabeth Schültke (Vice Chair)

Rostock University Medical Center +49 3814949092


Country MC Member Institution Contact Phone
Austria Dr. Wolfgang Dörr Medical University of Vienna +43 1 404005671
Belgium Dr. Carlos de Wagter Ghent University  +32 93323014
Finland Prof. Pekka Suortti University of Helsinki +35 89493437
Finland Prof. Jani Keyriläinen Turku University Hospital +35 823132808
France Prof. François Esteve Université Joseph Fourier Hospital +33 476882945
France Dr. Elke Bräuer-Krisch European Synchrotron Radiation Facility +33 476882115
Germany Dr. Elisabeth Schültke Rostock University Medical Center +49 76127050840
Germany Prof. Uwe Oelfke German Cancer Research Center +44 2086613479
Greece Prof. John Kalef-Ezra University of Ioannina +30 2651007594
Greece Prof Efstathios Efstathopoulos National and Kapodistrian University of Athens  
Israel Prof Brenda Laster Ben-Gurion University of the Negev  
Italy Prof. Guido Cavaletti

Experimental Neurology Unit, University of Milano-Bicocca +39 0264488039
Italy Dr. Giuseppe Battaglia Neuromed Hospital (IRCCS) +39 0865915201
Netherlands Dr. Jasper Bovenberg     +31 638757483 
Norway Prof. Bjarne Stugu University of Bergen +47 55582769
Norway Dr. Angela Kok SINTEF +47 98245162
Poland Dr. Mikal Gryzinski National Centre for Nuclear Research +48 227180157
Poland Prof. Pawel Olko Instytut Fizyki Jadrowej +48 126628100
Romania Dr. Florin Constantin Horia Hulubei Natl. Inst. Phys. Nuc. Eng. +40 214042342
Romania Dr. Dan Sporea Natl. Inst. for Laser, Plasma and Rad. Phys +40 214574550
Spain Dr. Jose M. Gómez-Ros CIEMAT +34 913466237
Spain Dr. Josep Sempau Technical University of Catalonia +34 934016074
Sweden Prof. Crister Ceberg Lund University +46 46173985
Sweden Dr. Albert Siegbahn Stockholms Universitet +46 851772000
Switzerland Prof. Valentin Djonov Institute of Anatomy, University of Bern +41 316318432
United Kingdom Prof. John Hopewell University of Oxford +44 01865439875
United Kingdom Prof. Kevin Prise Queen's University Belfast +44 2890972760


The MC substitutes are:

Country MC Substitute Institution Contact Phone
Austria Dr Dietmar Georg      
France Dr. Marie Jacquet Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique +33 0164468533
Germany Prof. Jan Wilkens TUM Klinikum Rechts der Isar +49 8941404504
Greece Ms. Sofia Kordolaimi University of Athens +30 2105831871
Greece Ms. Kalliopi Platoni Attikon University Hospital +30 2105831860
Italy Dr. Maura Pellei University of Camerino +39 0737402213
Norway Dr. Heidi Sandaker University of Bergen +47 55582726
Romania Dr. Ramona Galatus Technical University, Cluj-Napoca +40 729130770
Romania Mr. Sorin Bercea      
Spain Dra Sílvia Gil Hospital Parc Taulí +34 937231010 (ext22067)
Spain Dr. Yuri Koubychine Technical University of Catalonia +34 934012543
Switzerland Prof. Michael Grotzer Universität Zürich +41 442667575
United Kingdom Dr. Giuseppe Schettino National Physical Laboratory +44 2089436589
United Kingdom Dr. Mark Hill Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology +44 1865617328


Non-COST countries with representatives in the MC are:

Country MC Member Institution Contact Phone
Australia Prof. Michael Lerch / Prof. Anatoly Rozenfeld University of Wollongong +61 242213218
Australia Dr. Jeffrey Crosbie RMIT University  
Canada Prof. Carmel Mothersill McMaster University +1 905 525 914026227
Canada Prof. Sheldon Wiebe University of Saskatchewan/CLS, Saskatoon  
United States Dr. Michael D. Wright Varian Medical Systems, Inc. +1 6502515521


Near neighbour countries included in this action are:

Country MC Member Institution Contact Phone
Armenia Dr. Gohar Tsakanova National Academy of Sciences of R. of Armenia, Yerevan  


Other roles in this Action are as follows:

  • Former Domain Committee Rapporteurs:

Prof. Pavle Andjus

Prof. Dieter Schinzer

  • Science Officer of the Action:

Dr. Mafalda Quintas

  • Administrative Officer of the Action:

Ms. Anja van der Snickt


Details regarding the persons involved in this Action, including affiliation and contact information, can be found in the official COST directory, here. Also, information can be obtained from the Action Fact Sheet, which can be downloaded here.


Can I join?

Scientists from COST countries (see the list here) that do not currently participate are also entitled to join the network at any time provided their countries sign the MoU. SYRA3 provides an open and flexible framework so that any interested country can join the Action. The procedure is the following:

  • COST country

Please go to the COST Action page and download its Fact Sheet. If your country is not listed in the Action, contact your COST National Coordinator, who will know the procedure to follow to become a member. If your country is listed but your institution is not, please send an e-mail to in order to request registering the institution in the Action and becoming the contact person. If your institution is listed, contact the person(s) already in the Action to help you become a member. Furthermore, if not already done, register yourself at the COST office, here.

  • Non-COST country

In case your institution is in a non-COST country send an e-mail to declaring that you wish to join this Action from a non-COST country and you will receive all the necessary information.