Working Groups


SYRA3 is organised in the following Working Groups (WG):

  WG Chair Vice Chair
WG1 Radiation Biology C. Mothersill V. Djonov / J. Hopewell
WG2 Treatment of tumours using MRT and SSRT, including improved drug delivery M. Grotzer J.A. Laissue
WG3 Dosimetry and treatment planning for small fields and microbeams E. Bräuer-Krisch U. Oelfke
WG4 Emerging applications of microbeams A. Depaulis (*) M. Jacquet (*)


(*) It is proposed that the Chair and Vice Chair swap at the third year.


Prior to the kickoff meeeting there were six WGs defined, as stated in the Memorandum of Understanding of the Action. Later considerations led to the adoption, after the kickoff, of the new and simplified structure shown in the table.


The name and main tasks of each working group are indicated below.

WG1: Radiation Biology.

  • Investigate biological and biochemical effects of Microbeam Radiation Therapy (MRT) on cells, tissues and organs, when delivered alone or in combination with chemotheraputic drugs.

WG2: Treatment of tumours using MRT and Stereotactic Synchrotron Radiation Therapy (SSRT), including improved drug delivery.

  • Study of the vascular parameters after MRT in aggressive brain tumours in rats.
  • Identification of the most relevant cancer lesions/organs to be treated by MRT.
  • Efficiency assessment of associated chemotherapies and radiation sensitisers.
  • Study of convection-enhanced drug delivery applied to radiation dose-enhancing drugs in the tumour. The drug localisation will be studied by X-ray tomo-microfluorescence in excised tissues.
  • New biocompatible high-Z element-based drugs to be used as dose-enhancers.

WG3: Dosimetry and treatment planning for small fields and microbeams.

  • Establish dosimetry protocols for determining the absorbed dose to water.
  • Develop a Treatment Planning System (TPS).
  • Standardisation protocols with support from EURADOS and IAEA.

WG4: Emerging applications of microbeams.

  • Develop new applications of microbeams in treating: (a) non-central nervous system tumours; and (b) non malignant nervous pathologies.
  • Investigate the use of compact sources to exploit SSRT and MRT.